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Matthew DJ Genesis was the DJ for my birthday party. He has to be one of the best DJ’s I have seen. He plays all music that entertains everyone, even the old gets up to boogie on the dance floor and that is so hard to do, so well done. DJ Genesis is very reasonably priced for what he does throughout the night, and always played any requests asked. What a fantastic entertainer. DJ Genesis is not just a DJ Service playing music all night but he entertains and gets the audience to interact. Love your work and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. We will hire you again for our next function. Anyone that uses DJ Genesis will not want the night to end. Love your work.

Lydia & Paul Newton

We hired Matthew DJ Genesis for our Corporate Christmas function in 2010, 2011 and 2012. On each occasion he attended with all the necessary equipment including a cordless microphone for our presentations and speeches. He sets up at the different venues without any inconvenience to anyone. Matthew is always able to judge the needs of our staff and ensures they always have a great time regardless of whether we have large or small numbers attending. I also hired Matthew for two family functions, one being a combined 18th & 30th birthday and the other was a 60th birthday. Again Matthew was able to provide the perfect mix of music and entertainment. Matthew’s interaction and entertainment always turns the night into one big fun party!”

Crista Williamson, Bunnings Warehouse, Taylors Lakes

Best Mobile DJ Hire in Melbourne

There are countless different types of events that could call for a DJ. Whether you are throwing a party or need a DJ for a wedding, DJ Genesis is the best DJ hire in Melbourne for all occasions. Music is an essential aspect of any party or other lively event, and the guests at the event may find that whether they are having a good time or not largely depends on the music that is being played in the background. After all, music gives off energy to people, which helps to determine what sort of atmosphere is the overarching feeling in your party or event. If you want the overall energy and atmosphere of your party to be energetic, carefree, and fun, then DJ Genesis is the DJ hire for you.

One essential quality that any mobile DJ Melbourne hire must have is to be able to read the guests and determine whether or not the guests are enjoying the type of music that is playing. The DJ should then be able to adjust the type of music he or she is playing accordingly to ensure that the guests are happy with the background tunes of your event. A mobile DJ in Melbourne should be able to play a wide variety of types of music to allow for a well-roundedselection of genres, so that way there is something for every type of guest at the party to enjoy. Finally, a DJ should be able to personalise the service that they are offering to the host of the event that hired them, to play the type of music that he or she intended. In many situations, the host of a party might want to provide their mobileDJ in Melbourne with a list of songs they would like played at some point during the event, and a list of songs that should not be played under any circumstances. A good DJ should be able to follow these lists and guidelines they are provided with, as well as select other similar tracks to the type of music that the host wanted to be played.

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All of this and more is what you will find of the services provided by DJ Genesis, the best mobile DJ in Melbourne. Our DJs know just how to ensure that all of the guests at the party are feeling good and lively because of the music they are hearing. They know how to play the right tracks at the right time to keep people on the dance floor and enjoying the event that they are attending.

The right mobile DJ Melbourne can make all the difference in the world in regards to the success of your event. If the wrong type of music is playing, then people might not find that the atmosphere is as cheerful and lively as it is supposed to be, and less people might be tempted to jump onto the dance floor and show off their moves, if there is one. When it comes to hiring a party DJ in Melbourne, for this reason, it is extremely important to make the right decision. Don’t take a risk by hiring anything less than the best. Make the right choice like so many clients have in the past before you, and trust DJ Genesis to work musical magic on your party that will keep everyone on their feet and moving.

DJ hire in Melbourne can really make or break a party, and with the right DJ in control of the stereo, you will see a flood of smiling faces across the venue of your party. Skilled DJs are able to feel the energy of a room and respond appropriately. They know just the right moments to speed things up, and exactly the right times when they should be mellowing things out with a slow song.

Many ill-fated individuals in the past have put their faith and trust into the wrong DJs, and have hosted disastrousparties as a result. Don’t fall victim to the same trap, and choose to hire a DJ that you can trust to create exactly the atmosphere you have in mind for your party.

At DJ Genesis, we understand that no two parties are exactly the same. That means that we can’t use the same formula over and over again to result in the ideal musical atmosphere for a party. If that was the case, we wouldn’t need DJs in the first place, would we? You’d be able to just pop in the perfectly formulated CD and enjoy the party. Because we understand that is not the case here at DJ Genesis, we ensure that we have mobile DJs in Melbourne who are able to respond appropriately to the mood and flow of a room to change the musical atmosphere as the atmosphere of the party changes.

In order to host the ideal party, it is important to work with a DJ who will keep your ideas and intentions in mind as he or she controls the music of your event. If there are certain songs you want to hear at some point during the night, or certain songs you want to ensure are not played under any circumstances, then you should be able to let your DJ know and trust that your instructions will be taken into account. You should be able to personalise the atmosphere of your party by having a discussion with the DJ you hired before the event begins, and that is what we at DJ Genesis strive to provide to each and every of our clients.

Believe it or not, there are DJs out there who disregard the thoughts and opinions of the host regarding what music should be playing. Don’t risk that being the outcome of your party, and work with us here at DJ Genesis in order to ensure that your party will have the best results and turnout. With all of our experience, we are professionals in the industry, and determined to make your party or event a complete success. Contact us for a booking today!

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