It’s your day, a day of romance, a day of beauty, a day of love.

At Genesis Entertainment we take pride in making your day, a day of celebration.

Your wedding is the most memorable event of two lives coming together.

It is a day Genesis Entertainment will tell your story one song at a time, from your first dance to your last. Genesis Entertainment will create a day of fun and celebration not only for you, but for your guests to remember forever.

In order to create the perfect entertainment at your wedding reception it is essential that we arrange a planning session with Genesis Entertainment. During this session we will explore all your ideas,wants and needs for your special day. Once established we will create a package that is personalised to you, your fiancé and your guests making your celebration a fun, and magical experience that is truly unforgettable.

Best Wedding DJ in Melbourne

When it comes to a wedding, most people want nothing but the best of everything there on their big day. For this reason, a lot of couples might struggle in the process of finding just the right DJ and MC for their wedding day. It is a big decision that the bride and groom need to make, as music is typically an essential aspect of most wedding receptions. Most couples take this decision very seriously, as the DJ and MC have a lot of power as to determining the atmosphere at their wedding, and they are putting a lot of trust in that person to do their job exceptionally well to make for an incredible wedding day.

When it comes to picking a wedding DJ in Melbourne, couples want to ensure that they are going with the best choice when planning their wedding reception. This is why DJ Genesis is the decision to go with. Work with the most interactive DJ in Melbourn when choosing your wedding DJ. When it comes to wedding entertainment in Melbourne, the success of the enjoyment your guests will feel from the entertainment you provide largely depends on the wedding DJ in Melbourne that you choose to hire for this occasion. Don’t take any risks with your big day; choose the best wedding DJ Melbourne has to offer.

You will not be disappointed with the service you receive from DJ Genesis. He knows how to respond appropriately to the guests and the overall atmosphere of the venue to play the best tunes and tracks to make sure everyone is feeling happy, energetic and lively. He knows just the right time to slow things down with a slow song and just when it is the right time to get the blood pumping through your guest’s veins with some fast paced music.

With 13 years of experience as a DJ, DJ Genesis has a unique set of skills when it comes to ensuring that anyone at a party or event, such as a wedding reception, is having an incredible time and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Working with DJ Genesis is the best way to provide your wedding reception with the services of a DJ who is capable of singing and dancing to entertain your guests, as well as select the best tunes to keep everyone happy and entertained throughout the duration of your big day. DJ Genesis has a vast and extensive knowledge of music and can personalise your event by keeping your preferences in mind, all the while, choosing the tunes and tracks that will suit your preferences and keep everyone in a good and lively mood during your party.

Isn’t it every bride and groom’s biggest fear to have an empty dance floor on their wedding day? Put those fears to rest by enlisting the services of DJ Genesis on your wedding day. He will be able to keep everyone moving and ensure that the dance floor is crowded during just the right times. He will keep everyone engaged in the events of your wedding reception with his exceptional speaking skills and will keep the bride and groom smiling on the biggest and best day of their lives.

When it comes to hiring a wedding DJ in Melbourne, don’t take the risk of hiring anyone besides DJ Genesis. He knows just how to keep everyone at your wedding reception having a good time, and that of course includes the two main people at the event.

DJ Genesis makes it his main goal to go above and beyond in all of his entertainment services, and does everything he can to ensure that all of the guests at the events he is a wedding DJ and MC in Melbourne for are completely happy with the entertainment that they are receiving at the event they are attending.

Wedding entertainment in Melbourne can make or break the success of your wedding reception on your big day. You need to have a wedding DJ and MC who is excited and keeps everyone engaged about the activities happening throughout the venue and who spreads his energy and enthusiasm to your guests. The last thing that you want is to see people sitting around the venue, looking bored, and not even enjoying the music that is playing, just waiting for a polite opening to leave and go home. Don’t let that be the outcome of all of your hard work and planning. If you don’t want to take a risk of hiring a DJ who is not going to be attentive and respond to the energy of a room and make adjustments to their music tracks of entertainment strategies accordingly, then make sure you are hiring a DJ whose skills have been tested time and time again and have always come out on top.

This is why you should hire the best wedding DJ Melbourne has to offer! After 13 years in the industry, DJ Genesis has learned what works and what doesn’t work, and how he needs to adjust his strategies from one type of wedding to the next. He will take all of your thoughts, preferences and requests in the forefront of his mind before every decision that he makes in order to provide you with a completely personalised service for your wedding entertainment in Melbourne.

Get the best Melbourne wedding DJ there is by getting into contact with DJ Genesis right away. As a wedding is the most important day in the lives of two people who are absolutely in love, it is important to make only the best decisions regarding the planning of their big day. You can’t go wrong in booking DJ Genesis as part of that planning process, so you should definitely call or email with any questions or to make your booking!Hiring DJ Genesis, the best wedding DJ in Melbourne, is a surefire way to secure the success of your upcoming wedding and make sure that the guests are having a great time.




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