With over 30 years experience as one of Melbourne’s most entertaining live bands the Tequila Brothers are a non-stop high energy dance till you drop band perfect for Hotel, Clubs, Weddings & Corporate Events.

The boys deliver a wide range of music from all decades and music styles from swing, rock ‘n’ roll, funk, disco, rock, ballads, 70’s hit makers, pure 80’s chart toppers, and much more with a few hits from today.

Michael Zammit is the ultimate front man his raw sound & strong vocal ability is a credit to the band he is the perfect blend of Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart and Bon Jovi all rolled into one. Michael Zammit is a music producer and records music for many solo artists and bands at Airwaves Recording Studio. Over his 30 year career he has worked with the likes of Kate Seberano and Ross Wilson just to name a few. Michael has the knowledge, experience and passion for music which comes through & shines at his performances making.

Michael Zammit is a sensational singer and entertainer but all great front men have a strong backbone and the four other members of the Tequila Brothers do just that. The boys all have a deep love for music and entertainment they have the talent and drive that creates a liv

e concert feel to all there shows and gigs. Dean on the Keyboard and Backing Vocals, , Jeff on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Frank on bass Guitar and Alex on the drums and backing vocals with Michael on lead guitar and Lead vocals.

The Tequila Brothers also play a big part in Genesis Entertainment’s live tribute concert productions going by the name of the TBS Show Band Michael Zammit is the musical director of our tribute concert productions for all our shows. The Tequila Brothers have been apart of the following productions and all future concert productions.










“When you are in the Tequila Brothers presence just watching them you feel a rush of music run through your body that pours out of the band and you feel like you just have to dance. “

Live Acoustic Bands

Genesis Entertainment can offer a wide range of acoustic entertainment perfect for Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants and Private functions. Our acoustic bands are uniquely different which will give you the opportunity to select a band to suit your event, venue or function.


Soundcheq are a uniquely entertaining acoustic band with a vibrant sound. A local Melbourne Trio or Duo consisting of Matthew Spiteri (DJ Genesis), Alan McAlindon and Steven Paris, using drums, rhythm and lead guitar. Focusing mainly on acoustic covers, they are a perfect live music accompaniment to your event.

Available for Hotel,Clubs, Private and Corporate Events, perfect for Bars, Restaurants and Weddings.




Matthew Spiteri / Dj Genesis

Drums / Percussion / Vocals & MC
Matthew Spiteri has always had a love and passion for music and entertainment. From a young age he was inspired by all types of music styles. Matthew begun to play the drums as a child and continued to play through high school.

Matthew Studied music performance, drama/theatre and music Industry skills at Mackillop College in Werribee. After graduating he perused his music and entertainment career and
established Genesis Entertainment, Matthew DJ Genesis has now built a entertainment company offering premium DJ/MC services, Tribute Shows, Photobooths, and now Live entertainment with”Soundcheq”.

Matthew has independently turned Genesis Entertainment into one of Melbourne’s most unique and interactive entertainment companies, providing customers with everything they will need to make their special event a night to remember. Matthew states “I want to offer customers & venues, what I would expect as a customer which is quality service, fantastic entertainment and memories to last a life time.”

Matthew DJ Genesis is an interactive DJ and entertainer who can sing, dance and play the drums, his high energy entertainment will create the perfect setting for a unforgettable event or celebration.


Alan McAlindon

Rhythm Guitarist / Vocals 
Alan has always been a big fan of classic rock, loving the raw sound of electric guitars and jaw-dropping solos. Influenced by bands such as AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, The Clash, The Police and INXS, Alan (with some encouragement from those around him) finally decided to start playing the Guitar.

The love and desperation of wanting to play like those artists encouraged Alan to learn quickly. It wasn’t long before Alan could play most of the hits from those bands from start to finish, as such, it wasn’t long before he wanted more!

After a year or so playing alone, Alan finally decided to start a band and from there met several other talented musos. Alan has played in several bands over the last 10 years, mostly cover bands playing top 40s and classic rock at several locations around Melbourne.

Alan’s last band saw him team up with Steven Paris (Lead Guitarist of Soundcheq) and the combination of them working the stage together brought a dynamic and fun element to their performance. Since that time, they have continued to play guitar together and have developed a perfect blend of sound, performance and excitement.

Alan now plays for “Soundcheq” as it allows him to play a great range of music spanning many years and put on an exciting show for his customers.


Steven Paris

Lead Guitarist 

For Steve, music is a way of life. Being brought up listening to bands such as Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits and Cold Chisel, Steve learnt to appreciate the art of music in his childhood years. However it wasn’t until high school that Steve had the opportunity to play his first guitar.

With a passion for playing and a determination to persevere, Steve quickly taught himself how to play acoustic guitar and the interest that was sparked during his childhood was now taking hold. His skill with the guitar allowed him to tackle songs such as “Stairway to Heaven” and “Babe I’m Going to Leave You” within his first year of playing and he continued to learn and play throughout and after high school.

Whilst Steve was content with playing guitar as a hobby and offering his music to festivals as light entertainment, he found a new love of music when he was given the opportunity to play in a live band with his long time friend, and rhythm guitarist of “Soundcheq”, Alan McAlindon. It was the first time that Steve picked up an electric guitar and yet he applied the same passion and dedication to his playing that he did when he played his first acoustic guitar many years before.

With the history and jovial chemistry between Alan and Steve, “Soundcheq” is able to offer something not seen before that will keep guests entertained for hours.

Steve now continues to play and increase his skill with both electric and acoustic guitars and is able to offer his skills to suit any customers needs.

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The Zammit’s are a Father & Son duo that enjoy playing together. Michael Zammit (Father) is a renowned singer & musician with over 30 years experience. His raw sound & strong vocal ability will capture your favourite hits from the 60’s & 70’s, featuring covers from Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond and much more.

Michael has a deep passion for music and entertainment which has brushed off onto his son Kyle Zammit.

Kyle plays the electric guitar and is also an upcoming singer/song writer. His cool, sharp old school but modern look, along with his guitar solo’s are simply entertaining for viewers.

Patrons & guests are always amazed with Kyle’s take on classic hits and seeing a young man at the age of just 18 with a passion and love for old classics is always entertaining for all ages.

They have a unique style that is highly entertaining playing rock, country, pop, ballads and so much more. They can have you relaxed in one moment and ready to dance the next.

“Is it always entertaining to watch this Father and Son duo live in action.”


Since graduating from Melbourne’s contemporary music college, (Australian College of the Arts)

both Madeliene Axiak and Richard Nguyen had set out to pursue their passion for music.

The emerging duo officially came to be ‘MADZ GOT RICH’ in 2016 as they began to establish their place in Melbourne’s music and entertainment industry.

The pair had both spent years studying music performance full time, graduating from not only Collarts where they initially met

but also The University of Melbourne and LaTrobe University.

From playing at a variety of venues around Melbourne they’ve catered to a range of events including weddings, corporate events, private functions, hotels & clubs/Bars.

For both Madeliene and Richard, music had always made a huge impact in their lives. Their ongoing commitment to music speaks for itself from their professional qualifications to their ability to entertain crowds of both small to large numbers. This duo can transform just about any venue, creating either the most relaxing or party like atmosphere.

In addition, they are always aiming to please their clients when it comes to selecting the right music for any occasion.

‘MADZ GOT RICH’ have a wide range of music from your classic hits of yesterday to the latest top 40.

Together they bring a modern spin to classic hits while keeping them respectful to their original style. While Rich adds the beautiful sound of the acoustic guitar and other various instruments Madz vocal ability is both strong, smooth and rich offering a stunning sound, together their unique blend of music is highly entertaining and not to be missed.